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Old natural home remedy - rediscovered and improved.

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CharLine Futterkohle für Pferde - Großer Eimer

For a healthy digestive tract. The reliability of CharLine FeedChar and the wide range of its beneficial effects on horses is due to the optimized mixture of vegetable carbon. We were able to achieve great successes with horses suffering from grapes, colic, or fecal water syndrome.

A large bucket (6 kg) is supposed to last for a 500 kg horse for about 75 days.

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By showing you this video, we want to say a big thank you to the Holzer Hof and his team, to all equestrians and their horses, to the exhibitors and to all the other participants. Thank you for the exciting tournament we were able to be a part of.

The benefits for your horse at a glance

  • positive impact on the digestive tract
  • binding and discharge of toxins and pollutants increases the well-being of the animal
  • possible strengthening of the immune system and the nerves
  • free from additives, thus no negative impact on the composition of the rations
  • pure natural product from Austria
  • stabilizing effect on the metabolism
  • neutral in taste - good acceptance
  • gene-free, contains none of the known allergens
Futterkohle für Pferde
Soon available

Insights from our customers

Rudi Haller

To bring the highest performance expected of our trotters, their well-being is always our top priority. Even smaller issues have to be improved. Orlando Jet, trotter of the year 2016 in Germany, always had problems with inflammation of his hoof bulbs, which we never got completely under control. For some months now, he has been getting CharLine FeedChar on a daily basis. It is an incredible achievement for us to see, that we have now completely resolved his problem by using FeedChar. He is healthier than ever and already preparing for the new season with four healthy hoof bulbs even in difficult wintry weather conditions.

Due to this great experience we have been using FeedChar for other horses as well and can see here great results.

Rudi Haller and his "Orlando Jet"

Angela Brousil

Both, the scientific reports and the insights of your customers made me curious. I bought a bucket out of sheer curiousity. I was able to notice clear and above all very fast positive effects on horses who had been suffering from chronic intestinal diseases and were considered as incurable!

Angela Brousil

Erfahrungsbericht Denise Mavric, Futterkohle für Pferde
Denise Mavric

In search of a miracle cure for persistent grapes a friend told me about FeedChar for horses. Daily creaming and herbal diets brought only little success (and were very expensive, too). Only a few days after adding FeedChar to the diet an improvement was already to be seen. The encrustations came off easier and there weren't any new ones. I have been using FeedChare for three months now and the mallenders are almost completely gone. The horse is fitter and there are no swollen legs at night anymore. CharLine FeedChar is going to remain a fix component of my mare's diet. I can only highly recommend your product to any horse owner. 

Denise Mavric, with "Giselle Cocostine"

Erfahrungsbericht Bianca Neff, Futterkohle für Pferde
Bianca Neff

My horse Felano had very alarming health problems. The colics symptoms have completely vanished since feeding him with CharLine FeedChar.

Bianca Neff, Zlatten with "Felano" at the riding stable "Reitstall HOLZER HOF"

Produktbild Futterkohle für Hunde, Mehl und Pellets


The recommended way of usage


The compression of the pellets takes place without any binding agents. You receive pure FeedChar in the shape of pellets. Only 0.5 % sunflower oil is added as an aggregate.

Regardless of mash or muesli - pellets are because of both, their structure and compression, very similar in their texture to grain structure and will be ingested without any problems.

FeedChar for horses is to be added to the daily food in very small amounts. However, you have to stop the addition during the use of medication, as there is a possibility of active substance binding.



Soon available

The optimal dosage

Futterkohle für Pferde in verschiedenen Größen

can easily be obtained by daily supplementation.

e.g.: A small bucket of pellets (3 kg) is supposed to last for a 500 kg horse for about 37 days.

Dosierung Futterkohle für Pferde mit Messlöffel | CharLine GmbH

only 94 Euro cents per day…

for a 500 kg horse when using the 6 kg FeedChar bucket.

bone formation

FeedChar has a good share of calcium and phosphor. Daily supplementation will boost strong bone stucture, joint stability and healthy teeth.


FeedChar is a mixture of different types of vegetable carbon, dust-free and refined with the addition of sunflower oil.

Filling height may vary due to technical reasons.



Analytical constituents
crude protein5.4 %
crude fibre0 %
crude fats< 0.4 %
crude ash27.9 %
calcium4.36 %
phosphor0.49 %
supplementary feedingstuffs
Soon available
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Data sheet

The information contained in the data sheet below includes a summary overview.

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