FeedChar for poultry

Old natural home remedy- rediscovered and improved.

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CharLine Futterkohle für Geflügel - Eimer

The wide range of FeedChar's beneficial effects on poultry is due to the optimized mixture of vegetable carbon. Especially the active binding of toxins and pollutants in the digestive tract leads to an unexpected high number of benefits for animal health.

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CharLine Futterkohle für Geflügel

Dieser kurze Imagefilm zeigt, dass sogar unsere lieben "Hendl" die CharLine Futterkohle ohne Probleme annehmen. 

The benefits for your poultry at a glance

  • reduces the bad odor in your poultry house, thus improving the overall climate on the farm
  • the binding of toxins and pollutants increases the well-being of the animals
  • positive impact on the digestive tract
  • very low dosage necessary
  • no change in diet necessary
  • pure natural product from Austria
  • gene-free, contains none of the known allergens
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Insights from our customers

Josef Stachel

Insight report of the poultry farmer  Josef Stachel (hatching eggs production), who has been using FeedChar on his farm for three years.

Josef Stachel and his poultry

Futterkohle für Küken
Irmi and Peter Bechter

Thanks to CharLine FeedChar the carcass weight of my poultry is 0.5 kg higher. The texture and the odeur of the poultry's faeces have significantly improved.  There hasn't been any foot or heel disease since supplementing with FeedChar.

Irmi und Peter Bechter, goose farm "Gänsehof Bechter"

Produktbild Futterkohle für Geflügel

FeedChar semolina?

The recommended way of usage

CharLine FeedChar for poultry has a grain-sized structure. Therefore, it is easier for your poultry to ingest the FeedChar.

Two different ways of administration have been proven to be effective:

1. to be freely available in feeding bowls

2. to be permanently added to the usual daily food.

However, you have to stop the addition during the use of medication, as there is a possibility of active substance binding.



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The optimal dosage

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0.5-1.0 % of the feed weight per day
(When buying one bucket: 5 chickens = 1 measuring spoon per day).

0.5 % based on the feed weight (dry matter)
(In case of severe digestive problems add the double dosage for 2 days)

e.g.: per 100 kg feed 0.5 kg FeedChar for poultry is needed.

100% natural supplementary food

to achieve a naturally improved animal health.


FeedChar is a mixture of different types of vegetable carbon, dust-free and optimized into a grain-sized shape.

Filling height may vary due to technical reasons.

Analytical constituents

crude protein

2.1 %

crude fibre

0 %

crude fats

< 0.4 %

crude ash

15.4 %


0.7 %


0.17 %

feed material

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Data sheet + certificates

AMA Pastus+ certificate

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The information contained in the data sheet below includes a summary overview.

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