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Old natural home remedy - rediscovered and improved.

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CharLine Futterkohle für Katzen - Kleine Dose

The active binding of toxins and pollutants in the digestive tract leads to a number of beneficial effects for your cat! We have been able to make very positive experiences leading to nearly odorless faeces, decrease of flatulence and alleviation of diarrhea. Long-term use has even a positive side-effect on the fur's beautifulness.

A small tin of powder (175 g) is supposed to last for your cat for about 150 days.

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The benefits for your cat at a glance

  • nearly odorless faeces
  • active binding of toxins and pollutants in the digestive tract results in an improved animal health
  • the binding of pollutants increases the well-being of the animals
  • very low dosage necessary (a small tin of powder is supposed to last for about half a year)
  • long-term use makes the cat's fur even more beautiful
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Futterkohle für Katzen
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Insights from our customers

Erfahrungsbericht Helga Döme, Futterkohle für Katzen
Helga Döme

Ever since using CharLine FeedChar the problem with thin faeces has vanished and the cleaning effort could be minimised.



Helga Döme with "Flecki"

Produktbild Futterkohle für Katzen Draufsicht

FeedChar powder?

The recommended way of usage

Do you feed your cat with wet food like raw meat or canned food? In this case, we highly recommend you the use of our powder. The powder will stick to the moist food and therefore be completely ingested.

Do you feed your cat with dry food? In this case, we recommend you a very smooth moisturization and thus the powder will stick to the food and will be ingested without any problems.

FeedChar for cats is to be added to the daily food in very small amounts. However, you have to stop the addition during the use of medication, as there is a possibility of active substance binding.

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The optimal dosage



Futterkohle für Katzen in verschiedenen Größen

can easily be obtained by daily supplementation.

e.g.: A small tin of powder (175 g) is supposed to last for your cat for about 150 days.

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only 20 Euro cents per day…

for your cat when using the 175g FeedChar powder tin.

bone formation

FeedChar has a good share of calcium and phosphor. Daily supplementation will boost strong bone structure, joint stability and healthy teeth.


FeedChar is a mixture of different types of vegetable carbon, dust-free and refined with the addition of salmon oil.

Filling height may vary due to technical reasons.

Analytical constituents
crude protein 2.6 %
crude fibre 0 %
crude fats < 0.4 %
crude ash 13.4 %
calcium 1.6 %
phosphor 0.2 %
compound feed

Data sheet

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