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Old natural home remedy- rediscovered and improved.

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FeedChar has a beneficial effect on pigs in many ways due to the optimized mixture of vegetable carbon. Especially during the weaning of the piglets our farmers could observe FeedChar's particularly positive effects on their animals.

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The benefits for your pigs at a glance

  • increased appetite and calmer animals
  • a toxin-loaded feed is less likely having a negative impact on the number of the livestock
  • reduced application of medication during the weaning of the piglets
  • the binding of toxins and pollutants increases the well-being of the animals
  • positive impact on the digestive tract
  • very low dosage necessary
  • no change in diet necessary
  • pure natural product from Austria
  • gene-free, contains none of the known allergens
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Insights from our customers

Johann Reisinger

For more than 20 years we have a pig breeding and fattening farm. One of the most sensitive areas is the weaning of the piglets from the mother sow and the subsequent foremast of the piglets! By using CharLine FeedChar, we have made the experience that our piglets are mastering this phase more vital and relaxed. The animals are thus more healthier and more resistant, and the use of medication during this phase could be reduced significantls. Due to this positive experience, we consider using this old home remedy also for the pig fattening part of our farm.

Johann Reisinger, chairman of the regional chamber of Agriculture and Forestry in the Styrian district Hartberg-Fürstenfeld

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Bernadette and Josef Nagl

We have been using CharLine FeedChar for three years regularly in daily feeding. We have observed an increased appetite, improved well-being and calmer animals. Even years with toxin-loaded corn haven't led to a decline of our farm's success. Furthermore, the air quality in the stable has improved significantly.

Bernadette and Josef Nagl, St.Stefan/R.

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FeedChar Powder?

The recommended way of usage

FeedChar powder is a mixture of different types of vegetable carbon and is optimized for the digestive tract of the pig.

A moisture content of 30 % guarantees dust-free handling and FeedChar has an excellent mixing characteristic when added to any conventional feed.

FeedChar for pigs is to be added in very small amounts to the daily diet. However, you have to stop the addition during the use of medication, as there is a possibility of active substance binding.

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The optimal dosage

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can easily be obtained by daily supplemtation of 0.5 %.

e.g.: per 100 kg feed 0.5kg FeedChar for pigs is needed

0.5 % based on the feed weight (dry matter)

(In case of severe digestive problems add the double dosage for 2  )

e.g.: per 100 kg feed 0.5 kg FeedChar for pigs is needed

Very low costs...

due to the savings in consequence of much healthier pigs and piglets.

bone formation


FeedChar has a good share of calcium and phosphor. Daily supplementation will boost strong bone structure, joint stability and healthy teeth.



FeedChar is a mixture of different types of vegetable carbon, dust-free and is optimized for the digestive tract of your pig.

Filling height may vary due to technical reasons.

Analytical constituents
crude protein 3.8 %
crude fibre 0 %
crude fats < 0.4 %
crude ash 24.5 %
calcium 5.64 %
phosphor 0.53 %
feed material
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Data sheet + certificates

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The information contained in the data sheet below includes a summary overview.

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