The evolution of CharLine's FeedChar

Years ago, we started adding the natural resource vegetable carbon to the animal's diet and simultaneously conducted a lot of feeding trials. At that point there weren't many scientific reports on the use of vegetable carbon in livestock feeding available. The farmer's initial reactions ranged from "Unbelieveable, but all of the promised positive effects came true" to "I'm sorry but I can't see any additional positive effect."

Since it has always been against our business philosophy to reduce ourselves to buyers and sellers, we decided to take the plunge into the product development of FeedChar.

Sonnenerde GmbH Logo | CharLine GmbH

The foundation

Co-founder Gerald Dunst laid the foundation for our passion for product development . In 1998 he founded the company Sonnenerde GmbH with the clear aim of developing the best ready-made soil out of premium compost.

In his research activities he repeatedly came across the myth-enshrouded "Terra Preta" of the indigenous people in the Amazon - the most fertile soil in the world. Naturally man-made. It quickly turned out that charcoal was an important component of this special soil.

Our own charring plant

It quickly became clear that coal mining was not an option. The production had to be out of renewable natural materials, thus vegetable carbon became the ultimate solution.


Sonnenerde has been operating its own plant since 2012 and never stopped optimizing the process.

Pyreg Anlage - unsere eigene Verkohlungsanlage | CharLine GmbH

Different vegetable carbons

The production of various types of vegetable carbon from different natural materials became part of the day-to-day business.  This gave rise to the idea of offering product variants of our FeedChar to the farmers who had the problem of not experiencing any positive effects on their animal well-being yet. We were allowed to learn that every vegetable carbon has different characteristics, depending on the natural material and the production process.




Der Verkohlungsprozess mit Blick in den Reaktor | CharLine GmbH

Differences depend on the

  1. natural material
  2. temperature during the carbonisation process
  3. retention time in the reactor

The characteristics of the vegetable carbon depend therefore on the starting material, the carbonisation temperature and the residence time in the reactor! Additionally, there are of course a few other setting options to change the vegetable carbon characteristics.



Optimisation of the mixture

Through years of field trials, we have optimized the mixture of the various types of vegetable carbon which are now known as our FeedChar. In the course of these experiments we discovered another interesting fact: Each animal's stomach needs different parameters of the FeedChar. Our various FeedChars differ significantly in their mixing ratio and characteristics.

In 2016 the time had come: We were fully convinced of our product "CharLine FeedChar" and presented it to the public for the first time.

Erster Messeauftritt bei der Inform Oberwart | CharLine GmbH

Further research activities

Thanks to the intensive exchange of ideas and thoughts with our customers and their feedback, the product development never stops. In addition to the practical results, we have been launching more and more of our own research projects with well-known partners and universities.

It goes without saying that

"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted"

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