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Old natural home remedy- rediscovered and improved.

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For an optimal supply of the calves with FeedChar it is very important that the grinding degree is even finer than the grinding degree of FeedChar for cattle. Thus, the FeedChar for calves is able to take full effect in the abomasum.

A bucket (3 kg) is supposed to last for a calf for about 200 days.

Package units overview

Product variants Price (EUR)
3 kg bucket 36.90
9 kg bag 47.90
300 kg bigbag 639.90

The benefits for your calves at a glance

  • very positive effects on calves suffering from diarrhoea due to stressful situations like auctions
  • the binding of toxins and pollutants increases the well-being of the animals
  • simple and low dosage with the help of a measuring spoon
  • positive impact on the digestive tract
  • made in Austria
  • gene-free, contains none of the known allergens, pure plant-based product
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Insights from our customers

Brigitte Weißensteiner

Little calves tend to suffer from diarrhoea most of the time, which can quickly lead to problems. After testing CharLine FeedChar, I immediately noticed that my calves were becoming more vital and fit. Diarrhoea, of course, was no longer a problem. There won't be any drop in performance anymore and the slightly grey faeces will no longer have bad odour

Just add a measuring spoon of FeedChar for calves into the warmed, acidified milk and that's it. The calves love this mixture and the buckets are always empty. In case of really serious problem one can simply increase the dosage and thereby saving extra money for other remedies.



Brigitte Weißensteiner and her calves

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The finest FeedChar powder?

The recommended way of usage

For an optimal supply of the calves with FeedChar the powder's grinding degree has to be especially fine. Thus, the teat the milk replacer will be supplied through, won't be sticky.

A level dosage spoon equals the right amount for 4 liter of milk replacer.

FeedChar for calves is added in very small amounts to the daily diet. However, you have to stop the addition during the use of medication, as there is a possibility of active substance binding.

The optimal dosage

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can easily be obtained by daily supplementation.

e.g.: A bucket (3 kg) is supposed to last for a calf for about 200 days.



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only 17 Euro cents per day…

for a calf when using the 3 kg bucket.

easy to handle

A dosage spoon with 50 ml in capacity is attached to the bucket. A very easy handling is therefore guaranteed.


FeedChar for calves is a mixture of different types of vegetable carbon, dust-free and especially fine grinded for your calf.

Filling height may vary due to technical reasons.

Analytical constituents
crude proten 4.9 %
crude fibre 0 %
crude fats < 0.4 %
crude ash 30.9 %
calcium 6.53 %
phosphor 0.62 %
feed material

Data sheet + certificates

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The information contained in the data sheet below includes a summary overview.

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