ANZBC Study Tour | 2019

ProductionAnimal FeedResearch 11.11.19 / Dominik Dunst

Australian New Zealand Biochar Conference & Study Tour 2019 – biochar meet and greet in Australia.

ANZBI (Australian New Zealand Biochar Initiative) was the host for the first study tour around biochar in the Australian region. The event took place from the 20th to 22. October, located in the Green Triangle around the city Mt. Gambier

ANZBI invited both of us (Gerald Dunst and myself) to give 3 talks around our main topics – of course all about biochar:

  • FeedChar – For naturally healthy animals, Dominik Dunst
  • Soil Carbon Project, Gerald Dunst
  • Biochar and Compost, Gerald Dunst

At our field trip day we visited a herb producer Holla-Fresh Pty Ltd.  . They installed a biochar production facility from Rainbow Bee Eater  – the feedstock is delivered by Bio Gro Australia, a large compost producer.

This short video outlines the project briefly: Link Video

We had a blast these 3 days – we will definitely come back!

Last but not least we want to thank everyone that was involved in this Study Tour! We know it takes a huge effort to host such events.